What our clients say about us

I had the pleasure of working with d.future for the Long Night of Careers 2022. The LNoC is a yearly employer branding event at the University of Zurich and attracts around 1000-1500 students, doctoral candidates and postdocs. Claudia and her colleague offered a Design Your Career workshop in the atrium of the UZH.

Not only did they attract a multitude of students in three intense sessions over the course of the event, they managed to engage them with their fun and highly knowledgeable approach. The workshop sessions were held with high professional standards coupled with creative methods and a high sensitivity for the needs of the participants.

It was therefore no surprise that we received an enthusiastic feedback from participants who appreciated this new approach to career planning.

Additionally, Claudia’s sympathetic and professional manner makes it a delight to work with her and I am looking forward to further cooperation.

Dr. Julia MichaelCareer Engagement Manager, University of Zurich Career Services

I was very positively surprised how quickly Claudia was able to put herself in my shoes, grasped the essential points and processed them further. Claudia showed me how I can design and change my future in small steps. This gives me the courage to actually tackle the issues.

Project Manager (40)

The coaching sessions with Claudia have enormously accelerated the process of sharpening my professional vision. Claudia is a super sparring partner and systematically and transparently points out even uncomfortable truths. In addition, Claudia helped me to break down my vision into small and immediately actionable steps. This was very valuable for me.

Consultant (27)

I actually enjoyed the small group atmosphere of the DESIGNING YOUR CAREER WORKSHOP very much, it felt more personal this way. Of course it is not possible to have your career plan designed and laid out within four hours workshop but I think Claudia did a great job at introducing those steps. She showed me how to pragmatically put these ideas into action process and she was super encouraging. I felt what I took back from the evening was not just how to better organise my ideas but also an affirmation that I am on the right path. I simply need to follow through these steps! Thank you Claudia!

Online Marketeer (44)

Together with Claudia, I succeeded in structuring diffuse and still barely tangible wishes and visions. Through the reflection in the conversation with Claudia, I gained important insights that I would not have come up with on my own. Thank you Claudia!

Marketing Manager (42)

We commissioned d.future to design and implement a life design workshop for our students as part of the rootlinks program in April 2022. The aim of the semester-long program for students from all Zurich universities is to enable them to become changemakers for sustainability. This includes various aspects, including learning how to design their own future.

Claudia Scherrer convinced us from the first with her know-how and highly professional manner. She adapted the principles of Life Design to our needs and designed and led a workshop which surpassed our expectations. Her enthusiasm for the topic was palpable throughout the interaction, making it an empowering and memorable experience.

The students were enthusiastic about the workshop and left inspired and motivated. They learned important principles and tools that will sustainably support them in designing their own path into the future.

Lucien SchriberBoard Member rootlinks

The Evening Workshop DESIGNING YOUR CAREER was a great, valuable and inspiring workshop for me! The methods are clear and the insights great and helpful. Highly recommended for your own location determination and customized personal future planning.

Lecturer (41)

The Evening Workshop DESIGNING YOUR CAREER with Claudia was very interesting and enriching. She has a high level of methodological competence and experience. I got a lot out of the workshop, because afterwards it was clearer to me what I want in my career, what possibilities there are and how I can try them out pragmatically and quickly with simple prototypes. Highly recommended!

Project Manager (32)

For me personally, the most valuable thing was that the coaching sessions really moved me from thinking to acting. After the three sessions with Claudia, I had gained clarity about my needs, motivations and strengths, developed three exciting future scenarios and received immediately actionable ideas for initial prototypes.

Consulting Director (40)

Claudia Scherrer's work offers me a clearly structured frame that is flexible enough to integrate everything I bring with me. I feel optimally accompanied in a process that is even allowed to stall without being interrupted. Many thanks for that!

Photographer (45)