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(in-person or remote)

The DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE Package is aimed at people who want to design their professional (and private) future. Often our clients are facing a change of direction, an important professional decision or want to reorient themselves. We frequently encounter the following questions in our day-to-day counseling:

  • I would like to reorient myself professionally, but I don’t yet know in which direction. How do I gain clarity and confidence?
  • I have been working in an organization for a few years now and am moderately satisfied. Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  • I have become a mother/father and my old job no longer fits my new life. How can I find a new job that fits my current life?

We are guided by the proven DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE approach (see graphic below).

PhaseSet the frameEmpathizeDefineIdeatePrototypeReflect
FormatPreparation meeting
(30 minutes)
Individual preparation
(approx. 1 hour)
1-2-1 Coaching-Session
(2 hours)
Gap analysis
(approx. 1 hour)
1-2-1 Coaching-Session
(2 hours)
Putting prototype ideas into action (individual)
(10 minutes to 10 days)
(30 minutes)
ResultYour starting position and objectives are defined.Your values, needs as well as motivators, goals and skills are identified.

The criteria for your individual compass are defined.
Your current paid and unpaid activities are evaluated against your individual compass criteria.

Any gaps have been identified.
Three individual future scenarios are developed and evaluated.

Ideas for measures and experiments that can be implemented immediately have been developed and prioritized.
Your prioritized measures and experiments are put into practice by you.After three months, we reflect together on the learnings and insights from the implemented measures and experiments.

The cost of the DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE Package is CHF 750, which is VAT exempt.

Terms of payment: 50% of the amount is due before the first appointment, 50% of the amount is due 10 days after the last appointment. Payment must be made by bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: The program can be stopped or canceled at any time. In this case, the costs for the services already rendered will be charged proportionally.

DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE individual coaching

(in-person or remote)

In one-on-one’s we work on your specific question. This offer is particularly suitable for you if you want to clarify a single, specific question such as:

  • Who am I? (strengths, values, skills & capabilities)
  • I have a new job offer. Should I accept it or not?
  • I am often drained and lacking energy. How can I manage my energy better?
  • I have long recognized my problem, but I just can’t manage to solve it. How can I finally get into action?

In these cases, 1-2 appointments are often enough to develop clear answers and effective solutions.

Depending on your individual questions, we select suitable methods. These come from classic career diagnostics or counseling, design thinking, life design and positive psychology.

Our hourly rate for DESIGNING YOUR FUTURE one-on-one coaching sessions is CHF 150, which is exempt from VAT.

Terms of payment: The amount has to be paid by prepayment and bank transfer 24 hours before the appointment.

Cancellation conditions: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment. Appointments that are not canceled within this period will be charged.

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